Desktop Sit Stand Converter W6
Single screen operation design allows users not to adjust their posture for a static display holder.It can move front & back,move up & down,so as to make the user work in health posture.And, it can be suitable for most of the size of the flat screen.

Use electric adjustable height. Up and down Keys.

Desktop size is large enough, can put the keyboard and laptop together.

Desktop maximum height from the ground up to 1230 mm.

Design the distance and height of eyes to the display according to the ergonomics.

Super mute motor design, Noise can reach 40db.

desktop is down,encounter reverse resistance and the table bounces back

Optional wireless remote control

Quick and easy installation

Load: 50KG (110IBS)

Stroke: 460mm (18’)

Speed: 25mm/s

Desktop size: 700X550X16mm

Desktop height adjustable from 770 to 1230 mm

Power supply: AC100~230V

Monitor can use 17’~27’

Duty cycle:10%, 2min on/18 min off
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